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Political and Economic Department


ASEF’s Political and Economic department aims to provide and communicate quality, actionable inputs for the policy dialogue between Asia and Europe.

Our Goals

Our Work

In 2011 the focus areas of the Intellectual Exchange Department include:

Human Rights and Governance: We bring together government and civil society actors to dialogue and share good practice.

 Our programmes:

Education and Academic Co-operationWe promote inter-regional partnership in Asian and European studies.

Our programmes:

Environment and Sustainable Development: We discuss environmental and sustainable development issues relevant to Asia and Europe.

Our programme:

Economy and Society: We explore a range of social and economic issues with the aim of developing policy recommendations for enhanced inter-regional cooperation.

Our programme:

ASEF Public Health Network: A multi-sector and multi-level platform between Asia and Europe for public health policy dialogue.

The Network activities are classified under three thematic areas:

Team Members