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The EU through the Eyes of Asia

Published on 22 Aug 2011

With the latest phase of its pioneering project, "The EU through the Eyes of Asia", ASEF is expanding the field of its study on perceptions. Supported by the EU-funded Jean Monnet Programme and co-ordinated by the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE), the latest phase of this research project covers 10 ASEM member states across the Asia-Pacific.

Through a research workshop, this project will study the perceptions of the media, public and opinion leaders on the EU in Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and Thailand. This workshop will be organised in collaboration with NCRE and the EU Centre in Singapore, bringing the country research teams together to study six months of daily media analyses of over 40 media publications or reports. The workshop will also provide training to the research teams to prepare them for the next phase of the study. During this next phase, they will interview over 400 multi-sector opinion leaders across the regions.

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