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ASEF publication gets featured in IHT

Published on 03 Sep 2012

One of ASEF’s recent publications, “Asia in the Eyes of Europe: Images of a Rising Giant,” gets featured in the International Herald Tribune (IHT). This new book, from the German Council on Foreign Relations, explores how Europeans view Asia. ASEF launched this publication during a series of briefings in Paris, Brussels, Berlin to highlight the findings of the unique “Asia in the Eyes of Europe” research project.

A related IHT Rendezvous article featured Professor Tommy Koh's views on Asia-Europe relations. Professor Koh is the Ambassador-At-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore. He shared these remarks during the ASEF 15th Anniversary Panel Discussion “Asia and Europe: Coming Together or Drifting Apart?” in May 2012.

Read the IHT article here

Read the IHT Rendezvous article here