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Our 20th Anniversary Tagline: Diversity Creates

Published on 01 Dec 2016

As a curtain raiser to ASEF’s 20th Anniversary in 2017, we launched an open call to invite our social media supporters to get involved in our effort to create a tagline for ASEF. By contest close, we were delighted to receive 664 entries from 38 ASEM countries, comprising 79% Asians and 15% Europeans.

A panel of 3 judges reviewed the entries. It comprised the Executive Director, Ambassador Karsten WARNECKE, and 2 brand marketers and communications veterans, Mr Bill ANG from Billang Consulting and Mr Danny LYE, erstwhile General Manager of FITCH Singapore.

The judges picked 5 top entries and after considerable brainstorming, the judges distilled these ideas into a simple and succinct statement: Diversity Creates.

We selected this tagline as it hints of a mature confidence that promises great possibilities”, says Ambassador WARNECKE. 

The diversity of Asia and Europe offers rich prospects by creating connections. We, at ASEF, celebrate this diversity, which defines our people and our work. It will continue to be our driving force into the future.

‘Creates’ is action-oriented and inspires positive emotions. The first 20 years of ASEF was about forming our organisation, storming with ideas, norming formats, and eventually fully performing our role.  As we move into our 3rd decade, we will build on our past achievements, but we will follow even bigger dreams, create greater collaboration, and find new pathways to connect the people and organisations of Asia and Europe”, he highlights.

In and about ASEF, Diversity Creates.

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(L-R) Mr Bill ANG, Ambassador Karsten WARNECKE & Mr Danny LYE during the judging session