ASEF Cultural Policy Dialogue Series


In the field of cultural policy, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) aims to stimulate analysis and engagement that reflect current political debates in Asia and Europe, as well as demonstrate verifiable alignment with priorities of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).

ASEF attends the biennial ASEM Culture Ministers’ Meetings (ASEM CMMs) and closely follows the discussions at these Ministerial meetings. Further, ASEF facilitates dialogue between civil experts and government officials on topics of mutual interest inspired by ASEM's cultural agenda. These dialogues take the form of Experts' Meetings and Public Fora and particularly emphasise the sharing of good practices from Asia and Europe. Experts' Meetings and Public Forums on cultural policy issues of common relevance have taken place in Hanoi, Viet Nam (2013),  Yangon, Myanmar (2013), Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2012), Melbourne, Australia (2011), Seoul, Korea (2011) and Amsterdam, Netherlands (2010). The outcomes of ASEF Experts' Meetings - which take the form of policy recommendations and compilation of good practices - are subsequently channeled to ASEM governments through the ASEM CMMs. ASEF's role in supporting knowledge exhange between Asia and Europe has been consistently acknowledged in all Chairman's Statements of ASEM CMMs (Indonesia, 2012; Poland, 2010; Malaysia, 2008; France, 2005; China, 2003). In 2014, ASEF is an official partner of the 6th Asia-Europe Culture Ministers' Meeting (19-21 October, Netherlands).

ASEF supports research on arts and culture in ASEM countries through the WorldCP-International Database on Cultural Policies initiative, which aims to make such information comprehensive, up-to-date and publicly accessible. This research is also made available through ASEF's online arts portal, and through the WorldCP website.


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