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ASEF Creative Networks - 3rd Edition (2015-16)

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
15 June 2015 - 31 Dec 2016 Valentina Riccardi Culture Department ASEF Creative Networks Culture


ASEF Creative Networks encourages collaborations among networks in order to reinforce the dialogue between cultural professionals from Asia and Europe. Through this project, ASEF seeks to strengthen its role as a connector between cultural networks of the two regions over the past 15 years. The project draws from the positive experiences gained through the successful work of the Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships Between Asia and Europe and will be based on a similar selection and funding model.

Eligible candidates for this project include representatives of existing and/or emerging cultural/artistic networks, at national, regional, sub-regional or bi-regional levels. Proposals will be selected according to their relevance in the framework of ASEF’s mission, the financial commitment of involved partners, and ability to raise ASEF’s visibility within the cultural sector. The implementation of new bi-regional networks and the expansion of Asian/European networks to the other region will be particularly encouraged. Selected partners will receive partial financial contributions from ASEF.

ASEF Creative Networks is a long-term series to promote sustainable connections among the cultural communities of Asia and Europe, and by notably by supporting collaborative projects and activities.

Project Updates

  • Three projects from a pool of 22 proposals have been selected for support in 2016, through the third edition of ASEF Creative Networks:

    1) Eurasian Creaspace Networking

    A platform and a forum to promote creative industries between Europe and the Mekong region, focusing on small scale creative spaces as case studies. Project partners include Econcult, University of Valencia (Spain) and Culture Industry Institute, Yunnan University (China).

    2) Greater-Mekong Hub for Cultural Changemakers

    A series of leadership programmes to promote emerging creative entrepreneurs and young arts leaders in the Mekong region and Europe. Project partners include Cambodian Living Arts (Cambodia) and Salzburg Global Seminar (Austria)

    3) SAFF Forum

    A Forum for producers to promote co-production of films between Asia and Europe. Project partners include Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (Singapore) and EAVE – European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (Luxembourg)

  • Five network proposals have been shortlisted from 22 submissions for the 3rd edition of the ASEF Creative Networks project initiative by the Asia-Europe Foundation. (See pdf document for the list of 5 shortlisted projects)

    The shortlisted applicants are requested to submit a detailed proposal on or before Tuesday, 1 December 2015. Successful applicants will be notified by January 2016.

  • The selection of proposals for #collaboration between cultural networks from Asia and Europe for the 3rd edition of the #CreativeNetworks is still underway. Stay tunes for the announcement of the shortlisted applicants on Monday, 2 November 2015.

  • The call for ASEF Creative Networks – Third Edition is now closed. We would like to thank all participants for submitting their proposals. For this second edition, more than 20 proposals were received and will be reviewed over the coming weeks. Once all submissions are assessed, a small number of projects will be shortlisted at the beginning of October.

    Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified of the results.

  • ASEF announces the launch of its 3rd open call for proposals through ‘ASEF Creative Networks’, an initiative that recognises cultural networks as an important mechanism to encourage bi-regional collaborations and reinforce cooperation in the cultural field.

    Through this initiative, ASEF seeks to strengthen its role as a connector between cultural networks in Asia and Europe.

    ASEF welcomes proposals from Asian and European cultural networks for activities such as capacity building workshops, mapping of good practices, expansion of Asian or European networks to the other region, among others. Proposed projects should  take place between 1 April and 30 November 2016.

    Multilateral projects that engage as many partners and participants as possible from the 51 ASEM member countries and which favour effective, long-term cooperation are particularly encouraged.

    The submission deadline is 15 August 2015.

    Download submission guidelines

    Download application form

    This call supports artistic and cultural networks. If you are not a network and are interested in developing artistic collaborations, please refer to the call of Creative Encounters.

    If you are looking for project partner, please visit Find a Partner, a space where cultural organisations across Asia and Europe can find each other.