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ASEF Unplugged - Dhaka

#ASEFculture: Who We Are, What We Do

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Andrea ABELLON Culture Department ASEF Unplugged - Conversations on the Arts in Asia and Europe Culture

Pan Pacific Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), headquartered in Singapore, gathers 15 local arts organisation for an evening of informal conversation on Monday, 4 March, 20:00-22:00, at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This closed-door discussion will revolve around the ground realities of the contemporary arts in Bangladesh, as well as ASEF's work in arts, culture, & heritage.   


ASEF Unplugged was launched by the ASEF initiative in May 2018 in Prague as a series of events that offers an informal and intimate space for open, authentic conversations between participants on relevant topics of art, culture, and heritage.


Bangladesh as a member of ASEF and its parent ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) is entitled to different opportunities for cultural co-operation and networking. ASEF's Director for culture, Anupama SEKHAR, will briefly present the opportunities offered to Bangladeshi artists, organisations and all other stakeholders in the field of culture and art, including: providing information to artists through the web pages of; providing financial support for travel to various events and for artists from Bangladesh; inform about the possibilities for capacity building and networking through the network of ASEMUS museums; as well as about the possibility of organising events in Bangladesh within the ASEF's work.


ASEF Unplugged-Dhaka is a closed-door event & is by invitation only.