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13th ASEF Classroom Network Conference #ASEFClassNet13

in conjunction with Research Conference by the ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning (ASEM LLL Hub)

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
4-8 September 2017 (tbc) Angie Toh Education Department ASEF Classroom Network (ASEF ClassNet) Education


ASEF Classroom Network (ASEF ClassNet)


Since its establishment in 1998, the ASEF Classroom Network (ASEF ClassNet) project has been providing opportunities for collaborative learning and intercultural exchanges through the use of ICT among secondary, high and vocational schools in ASEM partner countries.


Its activities are both face-to-face and online. The focal point of face-to-face activities is the ASEF ClassNet Conference, which takes place on an annual basis alternating between Asia and Europe. With over 120 teachers, experts, professionals, and business representatives in the field of ICT and education in attendance, the conference acts as a gateway to both the wider ASEF ClassNet membership, and to the plethora of Online Collaborations and school exchanges in which the teachers and their students are engaged.


To-date, more than 1,400 teacher members from 45 ASEM countries have been participating in ASEF ClassNet Online Collaborations. In addition, more than 21,000 students have been engaged in over 350 online collaborations since 2001.


13th ASEF ClassNet Conference (#ASEFClassNet13)


The 13th ASEF ClassNet Conference will be organised in conjunction with Research Conference by the ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning (ASEM LLL Hub), with the theme “Theory Meets Practice: Enhancing Teacher Training in the Digital Era”.


The successful implementation of lifelong learning is dependent on the quality of adult teachers and trainers. Similarly, successfully addressing challenges and opportunities which originate from digitalisation of education requires the professionalisation of adult educators and teachers. By bringing together 2 conferences which link researchers, practitioners and beneficiaries, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and the ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning (ASEM LLL Hub) will tackle these interrelated themes. By connecting 3 layers of stakeholders, who all have a role in shaping education systems, this project will enhance the training of teachers so that they are enabled to harness digital technology for the benefit of learners across Asia and Europe.


The 13th ASEF ClassNet Conference aims to:

•    establish links between education researchers, adult teachers, trainers and teachers through a ‘theory-practice exchange’ for the benefit of learners

•    identify, map and analyse competences of adult educators and trainers required for education and training in a digital era across ASEM partner countries

•    research, collate and examine the teacher training requirements identified by teachers in ASEM partner countries

•    develop evidence-based policy recommendation on what the ASEM Education Process can offer and implement to strengthen the Adult Educators capacities


More information on the 13th ASEF ClassNet Conferencewill follow in June 2017.