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A Gender Agenda: Asia-Europe Dialogue 1

New Visions And Perspectives For Women And Men

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
23 May 01 - 25 May 01 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department A Gender Agenda Governance & Human Rights

Chiba (Japan)

The inaugural Gender Agenda dialogue focused on social, economic, and political implications arising from gender differences. The event drew 65 participants from 20 ASEM member countries, and presentations were made on the following issues:

- Challenges for women and men in a changing environment

- Human dimension in the economy: Engendering the budget

- Human dimension in the economy: Market and trade policies

- Transformational approach to political decision making

Following the presentations, participants broke up into three working groups to discuss and debate the above issues. As the participants came from diverse backgrounds -- ranging from academia to the business, political, media, and non-governmental sectors -- they contributed a wide range of opinions that made for lively discussions.


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