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Migrant Health Discourse into Policy

Bringing the Migrant Health Discourse into Policy

The ASEF Public Health Network, in collaboration with Yuchengco Center of De La Salle University, will organise the 2nd Research Exchange Workshop and Public Briefing based on Bringing the Migrant Health Discourse into Policy’, in Makati City, the Philippines (28-29 November 2012).

The workshop will gather policy-makers from related fields and levels from across Asia and Europe. There will be opportunities for open discussions with researchers as well as representatives from migrant communities, health care providers and social workers. These discussions will help the decision-makers to revise and develop policies that affect migrants’ health.

On 28 November evening, the public briefing will be organised to highlight the research findings of ‘facing the Public Health Challenges: Southeast Asian Migrants in Europe’. This research was conducted from September 2011 to February 2012 by Yuchengco Centre (the Philippines) and Fondazione ISMU (Italy). The study was supported through the ASEF Public Health Network’s 1st Joint Research on Regional Integration and Infectious Diseases. The public briefing will be an interactive forum, where representatives from ASEM embassies, local academia, corporations, UN agencies and other international non-profit organisations, and the media are invited to participate.

The proceedings of the 1st Research Exchange Workshop, Social Determinants of Migrants’ Health across Asia and Europe, will be published prior to the 2nd Research Exchange Workshop.

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