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High-level Meeting on Risk Communications for Public Health Emergencies

Risk Communication Beyond the Country Borders

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
18-19 September Riko KIMOTO Sustainable Development & Public Health Department ASEF Public Health Network Public Health

Bangkok, Thailand

Risk Communication Beyond the Country Borders

As global connectivity increases, the risk of pandemic also increases – in an interdependent world, public health incidents may rapidly affect other countries and even trigger emergency crises in other regions, as seen by the example of Ebola outbreak in 2014-2015. Risk Communication plays an essential role to protect the public from health threats as well as prevent negative consequences on non-health sectors such as the country’s economy, trade and tourism industry. Therefore, the scope of risk communication is not limited to communication within the country, but it should also consider the global public and beyond the health sector.

In 2019, ASEF and MoPH Thailand jointly host the “High-level Meeting on Risk Communication for Public Health Emergencies” with a focus on how to disseminate information beyond the country borders.

Objectives of the High-level Meeting

The overall aim of this High-level Meeting is to strengthen countries’ capacity to support Emergency Risk Communication (ERC) for Public Health Emergencies (PHE), especially in regard to external relations. The relationship between pandemic and tourism will be examined to demonstrate the importance of risk communication and its influence beyond the country borders and the health sector. It will explore difficulties related to the dissemination of information beyond the country borders at the time of PHE, and share the best practices. It will also explore opportunities and challenges for inter-sectoral cooperation beyond the health sector in the time of PHE for ERC. The specific objectives are:

  • To identify difficulties in informing diverse populations about PHE;
  • To discuss possible ways to inform the public outside of the national territory in ERC;
  • To develop recommendations on actions needed to inform the global public about PHE;
  • To present “economic case”, which can be used to convince other sectors such as the Ministry of Finance regarding the importance of preparedness and response including risk communication.

Target Audience

The High-level Meeting will address diverse audiences: 1) Government officials in charge of health emergencies and health emergency communication; 2) Government officials other than from health sectors, and 3) representatives from private sectors who would be affected by PHE. More specifically:

  • Senior-level officials, advisors and/or other decision-makers from ASEM Partners’ Ministry of Health or equivalent
  • Spokesperson/senior-level media personnel from ASEM Partners’ Ministries of Health or equivalent
  • Senior-level officials, advisors and/or other decision-makers from ASEM Partners’ Ministry of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Tourism and other related Ministries
  • Representatives from private sectors, including tourism, aviation industry, hotels, etc. whose economic activity can be heavily affected by PHE
  • Representatives from organising committees of mass-gatherings such as the Olympics, SEA games, etc.
  • Representatives of international organisations and NGOs

Expected Outcomes

The High-level Meeting will foster the exchange of good practices in establishing and improving PHE risk communication processes between Asia and Europe. A graphic report summarising the key recommendations and conclusions will be developed.  

Date and Location

This High-level Meeting will take place on 18-19 September 2019, in Bangkok, Thailand.




  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
  • Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
This project is sponsored by the Government of Japan.