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Sustainable Development 2017

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February - December 2017 Governance & Economy Department Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENVforum) Sustainable Development


There is international consensus to change the global system in order to pursue growth and development in a sustainable manner. Sustainable Development looks to balance the environmental, social, and economic concerns that we face as a society. It is based on the conceptual framework that development should meet the needs of the present while taking into consideration important limitations, ensuring that future generations are able to meet their own needs.

The Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENVforum) has been working on the thematic area of Sustainable Development since 2013. The ultimate goal of our activities is to provide a platform for exchange between Asia and Europe on how Sustainable Development could be achieved. We support the global process towards Sustainable Development by:

Conducting research on Climate Change, as well as the conceptualisation, monitoring, and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Creating capacity building workshops to support government officials in Climate Change policy/negotiation and mainstreaming the SDGs into national policymaking
Organising conferences to promote knowledge sharing between development experts and governments on the topic of sustainable development.

This page will be updated throughout the year - we encourage you to check back for updates! 


ENVforum   2017 Activities


Date & Venue

Funding Sources

Conference on Sustainable Development   Goals Implementations in CLMV Countries

Project webpage available here

14-15 February

Naipyidaw, Myanmar

HSF Viet Nam


ASEM Symposium on Inter-Regional Partnership for   Sustainable Development

Project webpage available here

25-26 May 2017

Bangkok, Thailand

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand


Lao PDR National Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Implementation

Project webpage available here  

10-16 July (TBC)

UN Headquarters, New York, USA


ENVforum Conference on Delivery Options for Agenda 2030

Project webpage available here

6 - 7 September

Hanoi, Viet Nam 


Hanns Seidel Foundation

Cambodia National Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals Implementation

Project webpage available soon!

September (TBC)

Hanoi, Viet Nam


UNOSD Sustainable Development   Transition Forum

Project webpage available here

October (TBC)

Incheon, Korea



Asia-Europe Energy Policy Forum Side Event @COP23

Project webpage available here

13-15 November (TBC)

Bonn, Germany



The ENVforum has been conducting research on SDGs and Climate Change since 2013. Please check out our publications here!

To find out more about the Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENVForum), please click here.

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  • ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC)
  • Hanns Seidel Foundation
  • Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
  • Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) - Government of Sweden
Funded by the European Union