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ENVforum Annual Conference

Delivery Options for Agenda 2030

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6-7 September 2017 Grazyna Pulawska Political and Economic Department Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENVforum) Sustainable Development & Environment

Hanoi, Viet Nam

Jointly organised by ASEF and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), the Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENVforum) Annual Conference will take place on 6-7 September in Hanoi, Viet Nam.

With the support of the ENVforum consortium, the 2-day conference will provide a space for the exchange of ideas and experiences between experts and government officials dealing with SDGs, as well as for those who were involved in developing and implementing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The conference is also designed to promote exchange on regional and international levels and present the outcomes of the ENVforum research initiative that explores SDGs' implementation strategies based on a number of selected case studies from Asia and Europe.

This page will be constantly  with more information on the ENVforum Annual Conference, please check back for more information and details.



  • Hanns Seidel Foundation
  • Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
  • Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) - Government of Sweden
  • ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC)
  • Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE)


  • Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) - Government of Sweden
  • European Commission
ASEF's contribution is with the financial support of the European Commission.