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ASEM Youth Dialogue 2007

Asia-Europe Strategic Choices For Equitable Development

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
10 Nov 07 - 17 Nov 07 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department ASEM Youth Dialogues Sustainable Development

Mindoro (The Philippines)


The dialogue was attended by 43 youth leaders from 23 ASEM member countries, all of whom were actively involved in local sustainable development initiatives. Participants discussed sustainable consumption and production in relation to climate change, education for sustainable development, and the Millennium Development Goals. They also foramlised the Asia-Europe Youth Network for Sustainable Development (AEYNSD), which aims to act as a bi-regional youth consultative body and serve as a means of sharing capacity and experiences among members.


Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly, Pilipinas

Swedish Ministry of Environment's Task Force on Sustainable Lifestyles