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The EU Through the Eyes of Asia Volume II:

New Cases, New Findings

Published: 2009
Price: USD 76.00 / GBP 57.00
Editor: Martin Holland (University of Canterbury), Peter Ryan (ASEF) & Natalia Chaban(University of Canterbury)
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 978-981-4289-81-8
Pages/Weight: 284 pp

The EU Through the Eyes of Asia publication presents an in-depth analysis on Asian perceptions of the EU through media evaluation, public opinion surveys and elite interviews. The first volume covers the pilot study covering China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand was lead by Prof. Martin Holland, Director of the National Centre of Research on Europe (NCRE), University of Canterbury between January and July 2006.

This second volume provides a systematic and detailed empirical insight into EU visibility in the public discourses of three Southeast Asian countries — Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines — the so-called “VIP”. The data and analyses in this volume covers the year 2008 and the first half of 2009.  It also compares the findings with those from the first stage of the project conducted in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand in 2006, which was published in the first volume in 2007.

Volumes I & II of EU through the Eyes of Asia are indispensable to policy-makers and opinion leaders in the Asian and European milieux, putting forward vital recommendations to the EU, Asian governments, the media and other actors in managing relations between the two regions.

This publication is available for order online through World Scientific. For more information, please contact Mr Ronan Lenihan at