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ASEM Outlook Report 2012: Volume 2

Foresight is 20/20 - scenario building for policy analysis and strategy development

Published: 2012
Price: Free
Editor: Sol Iglesias & Luk Van Langenhoven
ISBN: 978-981-07-4422-9
Pages/Weight: 208
Related project: Asia Europe Relations - 30 Years in the Future

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This volume looks at the future of Asia-Europe relations after examining the current state-of-play in bi-regional relations in Volume 1, “Asia-Europe Relations at a Glance”.

The section “Four Facets of a Shared Future” presents an analysis of the opportunities and threats embedded in the set of three wildly diverging yet possible futures, focusing on four critical sectors in Asia-Europe relations. Planners and policy makers can gain deeper insight into the specific strategies that can be expected to work effectively in each scenario.

“Asia-Europe 2030: Key Actors in the Future of the ASEM Process” evaluates the roles that states, non-governmental organisations, the traditional and new media, businesses as well as regional andinternational bodies could play in the future.

This volume aims to serve as a tool for policy makers and civil society organisations to understand the forces influencing Asia-Europe relations at present. It allows us to imagine the possible impact of current policy decisions, taking into consideration uncertainties surrounding future bi-regional relations.