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Farewell to Governor Schallenberg

Published on 22 Aug 2011

Dr Governor Wolfgang Schallenberg has stepped down as the Asian-Europe Foundation Governor for Austria. His successor is Ambassador Dr. Martin Eichtinger, Director General for Cultural Policy in the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.

Ambassador Schallenberg, a PhD from the University of Vienna, has been the Governor of Austria since the inception of ASEF in 1997. He joined the Austrian Foreign Service in 1952, and served as a diplomat in Switzerland, Venezuela, Argentina and the United Kingdom. He was also the former Secretary-General for Foreign Affairs, Austria.

As an active member he was present at all the ASEF Board of Governors’ meetings held over the last 14 years. In his farewell message to ASEF, he said, “I am happy to have been able to contribute in a modest way towards strengthening of the important cultural, intellectual and people-to-people relations between my country, the other members of the European Union and our Asian partners.”

He added that he believes ASEF would continue to play an important role in the future as promoter of the vital relations between Asia and the European Union.

On behalf of the entire team of ASEF, we wish Governor Schallenberg good health and best wishes. We are grateful for his dedication and past contributions of support.