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Pakistani new media

Published on 30 Nov 2011

ASEF commissioned a recent research New Media in Pakistan. It offers insights into the development of new media art forms with scope for more exchanges and collaborations in the field. This study is available online on ASEF’s arts and culture portal

The research topics include public and digital culture, new information technology, film, television and piracy laws. The focus is on 'new media technologies'. It explores how such technologies constitute art or artefacts within the digital culture or e-culture in Pakistan. This exploration will involve key players and organisations in the sector. It will be complemented by a comparative study with other cultural sectors.

This research initiative is coordinated by Atteqa Malik. He was a participant in the Mini Summit on New Media Art Policy and Practice organised by ASEF in partnership with the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 2008). He is one of the four founders of Mauj Collective for Open Technology, Art and Culture based in Karachi, Pakistan.
The first version of the research was completed in 2010. It was a collaborative project by Mauj with the support of ASEF’s former project officer Jerneja Rebernak. It was further developed by Atteqa in 2011.

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