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ASEF Deputy Executive Director on cooperation and the future of Asia and Europe

Published on 19 Jun 2013

Mr. Warnecke, you have just "2012 ASEM Outlook Report," presented to. A major recommendation is to establish bi-regional strategic partnership between Europe and Asia. In what areas?

Bi-regional strategic partnerships serve to highlight the relations between Asia and Europe to the next level: towards mutual understanding and exchange of knowledge more concrete cooperation in key areas and in terms of common goals. The report points to several areas where cooperation can be strengthened, such as early warning systems for natural disasters, conflicts, pandemics and other various external shocks. In addition, the report identifies the coordination and regulation of migration, which already stands at a prominent place at the ASEM agenda. Of course, many other issues that agenda would be eligible for bi-regional partnerships are: for sustainable development, education and CULTURE - just to name a few.

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