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36th ASEF Board of Governors’ Meeting

Published on 05 Jul 2017

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) reviewed its achievements and examined its current policies and future work plan at the 36th ASEF Board of Governors’ Meeting held on 8–9 June 2017 in Singapore.

The Chair of the ASEF Board of Governors, Ms Eva BIAUDET from Finland, delivered the welcome remarks. “We continue to support and trust in ASEF’s contribution to the ASEM process and enhancing cooperation between Asia and Europe. I look forward to ASEF’s diverse programmes and activities that will continue to help foster learning and the exchange of ideas between the 2 regions”.  

ASEF Executive Director, Ambassador Karsten WARNECKE, presented ASEF’s developments and accomplishments since the last ASEF Board of Governors Meeting in December 2016, as well as the ongoing and upcoming activities for the celebration of ASEF’s 20th Anniversary. He said, “ASEF works as a partnership between the governments that support us, through the Board of Governors, and the staff of ASEF. This Board Meeting is an important one for our 20th Anniversary, allowing the Governors and staff to share their mutual passion and dedication to ASEF’s mission”.

A vacancy in the ASEF Executive Committee (ExCo) has been filled during the Board Meeting: Ambassador ZHANG Xiaokang, the newly appointed ASEF Governor from China, has been elected as the new ExCo member.

Apart from the regular proceedings, Informal Information Sessions with ASEF’s Department Directors and staff were arranged for the first time to create more chances for the Governors to better understand ASEF’s projects and share their advice and insights with the ASEF team.

In addition, the participants of the Board Meeting attended the ASEF 20th Anniversary Panel Discussion titled “Asia & Europe: The Dawning of a New Era?” on 8 June 2017 in the National University of Singapore (NUS). Co-organised by ASEF, the Foreign Correspondents’ Association (FCA), and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP), the Panel Discussion attracted nearly 300 attendees from different organisations and sectors.  

The Vice-Chair of the ASEF Board of Governors, Ambassador TUMUR Lkhagvadorj from Mongolia said, “I appreciate the continuous efforts of ASEF to innovate throughout its 20-year history. We have a better grasp of the gains and future plans of the organisation through the Informal Information Sessions on ASEF’s different thematic areas, and we saw first-hand from the Panel Discussion how multisectoral dialogue through various platforms has been significant to ASEF’s work”. 

Prior to the ASEF Board of Governors’ Meeting, the ASEF Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) Meeting and the ASEF ExCo Meeting took place on 6 and 7 June 2017 respectively in Singapore.