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40th ASEF Board of Governors' Meeting (ASEFBoG40)

Published on 19 Jun 2019

40th ASEF Board of Governors' Meeting (ASEFBoG40)
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On 13-14 June 2019, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) held its 40th ASEF Board of Governors' Meeting (ASEFBoG40) in Singapore.

Having assumed their roles in January 2019, this Board of Governors' meeting was chaired by Dr Steven EVERTS, ASEF Governor from the European Union, with Ambassador Kojiro SHIOJIRI, ASEF Governor from Japan, as Vice-Chair.

product of months of internal discussions and refinement, ASEF's vision, mission, strategic priorities and core values were presented.

Introducing an updated vision for the organisation, ASEF's Executive Director, Ambassador Karsten WARNECKE announced:


At the meeting Ambassador Warnecke also rephrased ASEF's new mission:

"We provide opportunities to connect people of Asia and Europe for an exchange of ideas.

We encourage collaboration towards innovative and sustainable solutions for common global challenges.

We engage civil society, complementing the political Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) dialogue forum."


3 Strategic Priorities were set for ASEF's project work:

Sustainability & Climate Change, Gender Equality & Inclusion, Digitalisation


Finally, a set of core values was introduced:

Diversity, Respect, Sustainability, Learning, Professionalism & Accountability


ASEFBoG40 also saw the introduction of the following newly appointed ASEF Governors: Ms Nahida RAHMAN Shumona (Bangladesh), Ambassador Milan HUPCEJ (Czech Republic), Mr Mart LAIDMETS (Estonia), Ambassador CHOI Sung-joo (Korea), Ambassador NORMAN Muhammad (Malaysia), High Commissioner Jo TYNDALL (New Zealand), Ambassador Joseph D. YAP (Philippines), Ms Petra KEŽMAN (Slovenia) and Ambassador Santiago MIRALLES (Spain). 

For a full list of ASEF Governors representing the 53 ASEM Partners, please visit the webpage on the ASEF Board of Governors.

The 41st ASEF Board of Governors' meeting (ASEFBoG41) will take place on 11-12 June 2020 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.