ASEF Young Reporters


The ASEF Young Reporters programme is an unprecedented youth opportunity for aspiring reporter from student with a passion for writing, a documentary filmmaker, a blogger, a social media mover!

This unique educative programme offers to talented young reporters to apply their trade and gain exposure to the rich diversity of people, places and stories across Asia and Europe. ASEF Young Reporters use their creative mind and trust their instincts as they explore the themes of the ASEF Education Department projects. While being immersed at the heart of the various projects, they capture the atmosphere of the on-site events, and tell the stories of the individuals involved. The stories told by the ASEF Young Reporters shine a light on the richness, diversity and vibrancy of Asia and Europe.

Key characteristics of ASEF Young Reporters:


The ASEF Young Reporter is built on 3 programme elements:


1) Online Preparatory Phase
Participants attend online crash courses on policy making, ASEM and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and boost their journalistic know how. 


2) On-Site Programme
When being deployed for project, the ASEF Young Reporters observe and collect valuable information useful for the production of the media coverage.


3) Production and Publishing
ASEF Young Reporters are connected and in line with nowadays digital practices resulting in the making of articles, videos, podcast and social media content.  

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