Programmes is ASEF's arts and culture portal offering news, events and analysis from across Asia and Europe.

The website provides relevant, updated and publicly accessible information through weekly updates on events and funding opportunities aggregated from across the worldwide web. A monthly e-newsletter reaches over 12,000 subscribers. It also features a magazine with commissioned articles on topics of common interest for Asia and Europe. Country-specific pages ( provide in-depth information on 51 member countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). Resource guides of direct use to artists (e.g. list of grants, directory of arts organisations) are regularly commissioned and available for free download.

In 2003, Asian and European Culture Ministers wished to “develop an ASEM Cultural Portal as a gateway to Asia-Europe cultural connectivity [and] to enhance access to cultural information.” has realised this dream. Asian and European Ministers of Culture recognised the role of “in leading the way in interconnecting Asia and Europe” at the 7th ASEM Culture Ministers’ Meeting (2016, Gwangju, Republic of Korea). 

Asian and European Governments have committed to greater knowledge exchange between the 2 regions of Asia and Europe. One of the ways in which this is realised is through the ASEF culture360 publically funded online platform. Through, ASEF fulfils its central role of concretising the multi-lateral ASEM partnerships through regular and sustained intellectual exchanges on arts and culture. 

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