The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) participated at the closing events of ‘Towards an Indonesian Literary Translation Centre’ on 22-28 September 2013, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This series of intensive translation workshops for authors and emerging to mid-career translators was designed to enhance the level of translation skills in Chinese, English, Indonesian and Norwegian.

The closing event was open to public and attended by more than 100 people on 28 September 2013. The event included a copyright seminar at HB Jassin Literary Archives and a panel discussion titled ‘Creative Strategies to Promote International Literature’. ASEF delivered a short presentation followed by readings and group performances at Salihara Theatre.

Within a week, 50 participants including 10 authors and workshop leaders, as well as 40 emerging or mid-career translators worked on various translation assignments.

This project was initiated in the framework of ASEF’s Creative Encounters: Asia-Europe Cultural Partnerships Initiative programme, and was organised by Inisiatif Penerjamahan Sastra (Initiative for the Improvement and Promotion of Literary Translation in Indonesia), the British Literary Translation Centre and Paper Republic (China).