ASEF culture360 will support the Estonian Animated Shorts as part of the 2016 edition of theSingapore International Film Festival (SGIFF). These animation films will be screened on 26-27 November 2016 in Singapore.


The history of animation in Estonia dates back to 1931, when its first animated short film,The Adventures of Juku the Dog, was produced. Nukufilm and Eesti Joonisfilm are among the studios closely linked to the history of Estonian animation, producing puppet and traditional cell animations respectively. Among the more, prominent animated films are “Breakfast on the Grass”, “Legends of Tallinn”, “Marathon” and “Piano”.


The programme at SGIFF will introduce an overview of the history of animation in pre- and post-independence Estonia. The distinctive world of these animated stories promises a surreal and unexpected experience. The programme will be introduced by Mr Ülo PIKKOV, an Estonian animator and docent at the Estonian Academy of Arts Animation Department.