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ASEF attends Literary Translation Workshops in Jakarta, Indonesia

Creative Encounters - Second Edition (2012-13)

ASEF will be present at the public event of Towards an Indonesian Literary Translation Center: Literary Translation Workshops and Events 2013 at the Salihara Theatre in Jakarta on Saturday 28 September 2013.

This project is one of the successful projects selected under the Second Edition of the Creative Encounters programme. During this closing event, the workshop participants will present their translation work in presence of professional authors and workshop facilitators.

This series of translation workshops and events took place to identify new talents, expand international networks, and develop creative strategies for the development of literary translation in Asia and Europe.

It comprised of:
• 4 classes of literary translation workshops
• A publishers’ forum with a discussion between editors and translators
• A panel discussion on promoting international literature
• A copyright seminar for Indonesian editors and authors

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