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ASEMUS Newsletter | December 2014

News and Updates on ASEMUS website and newsletter

This final newsletter of 2014 presents several of ASEMUS recent and current activities.
You can read a summary of Exploring Borders, the 6th ASEMUS General Conference, which took place in Vienna last September. On that occasion,Fionnuala Croke, the Director of the Chester Beatty Library, took over as the new ASEMUS Chair. In a video interview, she outlines her vision for the network, as well as ASEMUS value added to its member museums.Other video interviews are also available on our website.
The first of the two museum staff exchanges which will take place in 2015 has recently been announced. You will also find further details below andon our website.
We are also happy to report on recent museum developments within our network. ASEMUS has recently welcomed its first member museum in Bangladesh, the Chittagong University Museum. On the other hand, we recently interviewed Stijn Schoonderwoerd, General Director of the Netherlands’ new National Museum of Worldcultures, who tells us about this new institution.
In addition, you will find below information about several conferences, exhibitions and publications which could be of interest to you.