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2019 Media partnerships announced

Media Partnerships with


banner-media p is pleased to announce the events selected from the open call for proposals for Media Partnerships for the period January to June 2019.

The 5 events selected will take place between February and June 2019, covering a variety of topics and formats, in India, Finland, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany.

1. EARS on Helsinki 2019 
Where: Helsinki, Finland
When: 14-15 February 2019
A multidisciplinary creative industry conference fostering connections between Asia and Europe

2. Spain Moving Images Festival 2019
Where: Madrid, Spain
When: June 2019
A film festival focusing on Asian filmmakers with a platform for dialogue between Asia and Spain.

3. TEH Conference 87: pARTicipation through cultural reflections
Where: Dresden, Germany
When: 16-19 May 2019
A conference to exchange artistic strategies and working methods among arts professionals towards a higher participation in social processes.

4. UnBox Festival
Where: Bangalore, India
When: 15-17 February 2019
A festival that brings together various disciplines, formats and experiences with the idea of connecting local and international networks for collaboration and open dialogue.

5. XTRAX/GDIF 2019 showcase
Where: London, UK
When: 20-23 June 2019
A series of interdisciplinary events to connect arts professionals and create new collaborations. This year XTRAX will happen along the Greenwhich+Docklands International Festival (GDIF).

Interested in partnering with us in the second half of 2019? Don't miss your chance to submit a proposal to the new open call that will be launched in January 2019.