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Cultural Exchange Between Europe And Asia Symposium: Past Experiences And New Approaches

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07 Oct 04 - 07 Oct 04 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department ASEF Cultural Policy Project Culture

Hanoi (Vietnam)


This symposium reviewed the experiences and impact of previous Asia-Europe cultural programmes ASEM 2, 3, and 4. Participants also shared examples from different models of cultural exchange related to art, education, and media, and suggested new ideas for cultural exchanges to contribute to the cultural and social development efforts in Europe and Asia.

A book titled "Images Of Asia: Cultural Perspectives On A Changing Asia" and a documentary film titled "My Images Of Asia," both products of the ASEM 4 Cultural Programme and The Images Of Asia Cultural Festival, were launched at the symposium. They also served as reference points for the discussions.


H.E. Per Stig Moller, Foreign Affairs Minister, Denmark


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam
Funded by the European Union