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ASEF Cultural Grants 2004

Asia-Europe Dialogue: Explorations For Greater Exchange

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
09 Dec 04 - 11 Dec 04 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department Artists' Network Culture



The ASEF awarded Cultural Grants to facilitate the participation of six European cultural professionals in the Asia-Europe Dialogue:

- Annemie Vanckere (the Netherlands)

- Claire Verlet (France)

- Lois Keidan (UK)

- Mark Depuiter (Portugal)

- Sigrid Gareis (Austria)

- Silke Bake (Germany)

Participants engaged in dynamic discussion with critically and publicly acclaimed Asian artists on the possibilities for an artist-led Asia-Europe Network.


- What is Europe's fascination with Asia and vice-versa?

- Is there a need for a tangible network to connect the two regions?

- What form will such a network or portal take?

- Who could the major players in such an endeavour be?

- Why have such initiatives never really met the mark in the past?

- How can the proposed network be extensive (if not exhaustive) yet avoid duplication or redundancy of efforts?

- How can such a network be implemented and what will it take to ensure that it is financially sustainable?


Theatreworks, Singapore