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6th Asia-Europe Art Camp

Ludic Times: The Art Of Gaming

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
22 Jul 08 - 29 Jul 08 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department Asia-Europe Art Camp Culture



The 6th Asia-Europe Art Camp focused on gaming and the nature of our contemporary ludic culture. It also examined the psychology of gaming and theories of gaming: as tools for social development and awareness, real-life situation simulations, artificial and augmented realities, serious games for education, and games as an art form.

After an intensive programme of lectures, workshops, tours, and project work, the student participants delivered a presentation of their collaborations during the camp: an interactive physical game, a sound game, an odour-j (smell) game, and an artistic machinima game. These creations were made available for the public to experiment with in a special showcase on the last day of the camp presentation.

Participants also participated in the critically acclaimed International Symposium on Electronic Art 2008 conference, as well as contributed their thoughts and recommendations in the New Media Art policy meeting. Both events were held alongside the camp.


- What roles do electronic and internet-based games play in urban society?

- What are the possibilities for Asia-Europe game development collaborations and industry-artist-researcher partnerships?

Funded by the European Union