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Ministers commend ASEF for increasing cultural understanding between Asia and Europe

Expert Roundtable in Preparation for the 4th ASEM Culture Ministers’ Meeting

At the 4th Asia-Europe Culture Ministers’ Meeting held in Poznan, Poland on 9-10 September, culture ministers from countries taking part in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) process commended the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) for its work in increasing cultural understanding between the two regions. They emphasised the significant role played ASEF through its flagship programmes in reinforcing ASEM priorities in this area as set by ASEM heads of governments.

The ministers particularly noted ASEF’s efforts in spearheading the development of the online culture portal, The portal, an initiative of the 2nd ASEM Culture Ministers Meeting in 2005, connects artists and cultural practitioners in both regions and promotes the exchange of ideas, information as well as experts. ASEF recently re-launched the website with a new design, using social media tools, improving the user-friendliness of this website.

Ministers also took note of the recommendations by heritage experts at the roundtable, The Cultural Heritages of Asia and Europe: Global Challenges and Local Initiatives (2-3 September 2010, Amsterdam). This was which co-organised by ASEF in preparation for the Culture Ministers’ Meeting in Poznan which focused on heritage.

The ASEM culture ministers meet every two years. ASEF has contributed regularly to their discussions by gathering recommendations from leading civil society players on topics related to the Culture Ministers’ Meetings.