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5th ASEM Informal Seminar on Human Rights Series

Economic Relations: Human Rights and Multinational Companies, Human Rights and Foreign Direct Investments

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16 May 2003 - 17 May 2003 ASEF Political and Economic Department Informal ASEM Seminar On Human Rights Economy & Society
Governance & Human Rights

Lund (Sweden)

The 5th ASEM Informal Seminar on Human Rights Series, gathered a total of 55 representatives composed of civil societies from the corporate sectors, trade unions, legal agencies, NGOs and government officials. There were 2 rapporteurs (one Asian and one European), who facilitated this seminar including 2 preparatory workshops in Osaka, Japan (15 participants) and Bangkok, Thailand (14 participants) and 2 keynote speakers.

This seminar provided a platform for participants to freely discuss and debate on how multinational companies and financial institutions impact human rights advocacy.  Despite this short meeting, the workshops allowed participants to share their views based on their area of expertise. Networks within this diverse group of Asians and Europeans were definitely created.


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, France
  • Raoul Wallenberg Institute
ASEF's contribution is with the financial support of the European Commission.