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11th ASEF University: Liberty, Security, And The New Global Order

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12 Feb 05 - 26 Feb 05 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department ASEF Summer University Education

Paris (France)


This instalment of ASEF University brought together 37 undergraduates from 35 universities in 28 ASEM member countries. Held over two weeks, the programme combined academic content with active student participation.

Eminent academics, practitioners, and emerging talents in Asia and Europe were enlisted to provoke intense discussion on the current global order and the state of relations between Asia and Europe. Key presenters included the following:

- EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy ("Ten Challenges For A New Europe")

- UNESCO Director Hahm Chaibong ("Confucianism And Asian Concepts Of Liberty")

-Richard Higgott, Director of the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation ("The USA And The Nature Of Global Order")

- Mariane Peron Doise, French Ministry of Defence ("Going Nuclear In Northeast Asia")

- CERI's Didier Bigo ("Crirninalisation Of Migrants")

- CSIS Director Jusuf Wanandi ("Towards An Asian Security Community")

In addition, Chen Zhimin, Chair of the Department of International Politics at Fudan University, and Yeo Lay Hwee, Director of the Singapore Institute for International Affairs, provided perspectives on the nature of ASEM and its role in the new global order. Participants appreciated the sessions devoted to the ASEM process; they also commented that this unique inter-regional process should be given greater visibility among students and the general public.

Funded by the European Union