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ASEM Education Hub (AEH) For Lifelong Learning Studies

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
01 May 05 - 03 May 05 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department ASEM Education And Research Hub For Lifelong Learning (ASEM LLL Hub) Education

Copenhagen (Denmark)


This meeting was held to establish the AEH's Lifelong Learning Studies network, and it brought together 41 participants representing 24 higher education, training, and human resource development institutions in 16 ASEM partner countries to exchange perspectives and list priority areas for co-operation.

Planned activities for the network included the following:

- The exchange of students and faculty

- Joint research exchanges

- Participation in major research programmes by the EU and other international organisations

At the meeting, four research initiatives were adopted:

- e-learning

- The culture of e-learning

- Lifelong learning typologies in ASEM countries

- Professionalising lifelong learning and infrastructure

Participants also indicated their commitment to creating outcomes for the network, including:

- Lobbying the relevant bodies

- Fundraising

- Facilitating comparative studies on national strategies

- Disseminating information

- Developing clear and co-ordinated mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation