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4th Annual General Meeting Of The ASEF University Alumni Network (ASEFUAN)

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
11 Aug 05 - 14 Aug 05 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department ASEF Summer University Education

Hamburg (Germany)


This meeting brought together over 50 ASEFUAN alumni to renew their ties and plan for future collaborations. Participants discussed the following:

- The launch of the Asia-Europe Society and ASEFUAN Entrepreneurs

- The continued development of Asia-Europe Voices, an online academic journal, and Culture Capsule, an exchange programme between primary and secondary schools in Asia and Europe

- The launch of the first Model ASEM Summit in 2006, to mark the 10th anniversary of the political process

ASEFUAN's Executive Committee also organised a conference titled "Global Production Sharing: Challenges And Opportunities For Asia And Europe." The panel discussion included representatives from the following organisations:

- McKinsey and Company's Asia House

- The Cologne Institute for World Economy

- The Institute of Asian Affairs in Hamburg

ASEFUAN members also presented papers during the resulting workshop sessions.


The Institute for Asian Affairs (IFA)

The Asia­Africa Institute of the University of Hamburg, Germany


Hotel Panorama Hamburg, Germany

For more information about ASEFUAN and their activities, please visit or their official blog