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ASEF Youth Connections 2006: 17th International Youth Forum

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
20 Jul 06 - 27 Jul 06 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department ASEF Youth Partnerships Education

Seoul (Korea)
Gyeong-ju (Korea)


The 17th instalment of the International Youth Forum was held on the theme “A World Without Borders: United Nations Millennium Development Goals And Youth Participation.” It gathered 74 participants from 22 ASEM countries to discuss the following topics:

- Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

- Youth challenges to achieving MDGs

- Solidarity for global sustainability in MDGs

The forum consisted of lectures, group discussions, activities to facilitate group development, cultural exchanges, and study trips in Seoul and Gyeongju to introduce participants to Korean history and culture. Participants were able to explore the theme of MDGs; expand their awareness on global issues such as poverty and hunger, human rights, and access to education; and generate ideas for contributions they could make.

ASEF Youth Connections is a funding window open to youth organisations in ASEM member countries. The International Youth Forum is an event for promoting international awareness and friendship among young people, organised annually since 1990 by the National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea in co-operation with different partners.


  • International Workcamp Organisation (IWO) Korea