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17th Asia-Europe Lecture Tour

The European Union Through The Eyes Of Asia: A Comparative Study Of Media Perceptions

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
12 Sep 06 - 21 Sep 06 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department European Studies In Asia (ESiA) Education

Preston (United Kingdom)
Paris (France)
Ulster (United Kingdom)


The 17th instalment of the Asia-Europe Lecture Tour featured speaker Martin Holland, who spoke on the media's coverage of the EU as well as public and elite opinions towards the EU across five Asian countries.


- Is there a communication gap between the EU and Asia?

- If so, what is the nature of this gap and how might this be addressed?

- If left unaddressed, what are the potential implications for the EU and EU-Asian dialogue?

- What policy recommendations can be suggested for the media and the EU?

- What might be the wider implications of a concerted EU public diplomacy strategy to raise EU visibility abroad?


Prof. Martin Holland, University of Canterbury, UK


  • European Policy Centre