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11th Talks On The Hill

(A)political Education: Revisiting History In Asia And Europe

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
07 Oct 07 - 09 Oct 07 Asia-Europe Foundation Political and Economic Department Talks on the Hill Education

Auschwitz (Poland)


This meeting was convened to discuss the importance of history in promoting reconciliation between communities in Asia and Europe, with a particular focus on the role of history education. It brought together 12 participants from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and areas of expertise. Participants agreed on the importance of history as a reconciliation tool, as well as stressed that many aspects of history education needed to be examined, including teacher training, policy lobbying, financial support, and the involvement of neutral parties.


- How is history often presented according to the priorities of those writing it?

- How can history serve as a tool for reconciliation?

- How should history be taught in schools?