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ASEM Education Hub Thematic Network On Intellectual Property Management: Inaugural Conference

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
17 Dec 07 - 18 Dec 07 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department ASEF Higher Education Programme (AHEP) Education

Alicante (Spain)


This conference brought together 21 experts in higher education co-operation, representing leading academic networks and institutions in Asia and Europe, to focus on the following tasks:

- Review the ASEM Education Hub activities in 2007 and outline its strategy and work plan for 2008

- Report on the main evolutions and issues in Asian and European higher education sectors

- Prepare a framework for two key higher education summits: the ASEM Education Ministers' Meeting and First ASEM Rectors' Conference

The meeting was attended by the head and senior officers of important regional and international academic networks, such as the UNESCO, International Association of Universities, the Academic Cooperation Association, the European University Association, and the ASEAN University Network. National university networks were also represented, including the German Rectors' Conference, the Irish Universities Association, and the Association of Indian Universities.

Overall, it was agreed that the AEH concept and structure remain valid, that the Thematic Networks were delivering positive results that justify further support, and that the AEH had received visibility through the various pillars of work. However it was also suggested that the Hub should focus on two parallel and mutually reinforcing objectives in 2008: To enhance its outreach and to maximise its potential as a source of expertise and innovation.


University of Alicante, Spain