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22nd Asia-Europe Lecture Tour

The EU Through The Eyes Of Asia: The Case Of China And Hong Kong

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
04 Feb 08 - 15 Feb 08 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department European Studies In Asia (ESiA) Education

Warsaw (Poland)
Prague (Czech Republic)
Vienna (Austria)
Budapest (Hungary)
Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Cork (Ireland)


Organised by ASEF, the Lecture Tour featured prominent Hong Kong academic Dr. Kenneth Chan, who presented the findings of a study carried out on the perceptions of the EU in China. The research examined the media, public, and opinion leader perceptions of the EU in China and Hong Kong. The tour took place in a number of European cities, namely Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana, and Cork.


- Is the EU a recognisable actor in the eyes the citizens of China and Hong Kong?

- What are the most mentioned images of the EU in China and Hong Kong?

- How would people in China and Hong Kong evaluate the current and future state of relationship with the EU?

- How important is the EU to China and Hong Kong when compared to the United States and other neighbouring nations?

- Has the enlargement process and other internal developments of the EU influenced how it is perceived by its Asian counterparts?

- What are the major sources of news and information about the EU in China and Hong Kong?

- Looking ahead, as the EU's relevance to China and Hong Kong is expected to grow, what are the opportunities and obstacles concerning the roles and expectations of the EU?


Mr. Kenneth Chan, Associate Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Funded by the European Union