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15th ASEF University

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
29 Jun 09 - 10 Jul 09 Edwige Rozier Education Department ASEF Summer University Education

Wanju, Jeonbuk Province (Korea)


For the 15th instalment of ASEF University, participants attended lectures and workshops on the theme "Migration And Multi-Cultural Societies: Opportunities And Challenges."


There are now about 192 million people living outside their place of birth, which is about three per cent of the world's population. There is growing recognition that migration is an essential and inevitable component of the economic and social life of every state, and that orderly and properly managed migration can be beneficial for both individuals and societies.


- History and geography of migrations

- Multiculturalism in today's society

- Challenges and opportunities of migration: European and Asian perspectives

- Family, gender, and migration

- Migrants in Korea

- Diversity and the media

- The metropolis in Asia and Europe

- The value of difference


  • Woosuk University