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International Convention Of Asian Scholars

Asia In The Eyes Of Europe: Panel Dialogue

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
06 Aug 09 - 09 Aug 09 Governance & Economy Department Education

Daejeon (Korea)


Held in conjunction with the sixth edition of the International Convention of Asia Scholars, the Panel Dialogue aimed to generate ideas for the ASEF's project to measure perceptions of Asia in the European Union, titled "Asia in the Eyes of Europe."

The Panel Dialogue was held over two sessions. The first session featured four presentations on the perceptions of Asia amongst Europeans. These insights provided a basis for the discussion that followed. The second session featured presentations from experts well-versed in wide-ranging media, interview, and public opinion style research projects. The speakers shared their expertise and highlighted the merits of previous methodologies, obstacles faced, and challenges overcome.


- Who are the key players for a project of this nature? 

- Who will support the project and be affected by the research?

- What is the best approach in carrying out the project, e.g. issue-based research topics, sub-regional research locations, pillar-based research (key stakeholder interviews, media analysis, public opinion survey)? 

- What aspects from previous inter-regional research projects -- such as the ongoing study "The EU Through The Eyes Of Asia" -- might translate to this new project?


Funded by the European Union