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4th Networking Conference For Asian And European Young Volunteers (NAEYV)

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06 Feb 11 - 11 Feb 11 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department Asia-Europe Co-operation in Voluntary Service (VolunAEt) Education

Semarang (Indonesia)


The 4th NAEYV promoted the visibility and values of the voluntary service as one of the main non-formal education tools in Asia and Europe. The specific objectives of the conference were to:

  • Share the research outcomes of the 9th Asia-Europe Young Volunteers Exchange on the impact of IVS in Asia and Europe
  • Map the existing voluntary service schemes and the various legal frameworks on volunteering in Asia and Europe
  • Identify stakeholders interested in the establishment and promotion of an Asian Voluntary Service
  • Encourage cross-sectoral co-operation between different voluntary service stakeholders
  • Develop spin-off initiatives in the field of voluntary service

The NAEYV gathered 35 participants and consisted of two events: a two-day strategic meeting with 18 young representatives from international voluntary service organisations, and a conference with 17 representatives from governments, universities, and other relevant stakeholders.


  • The Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS)
  • Indonesia International Work Camp (IIWC)
Funded by the European Union

Project Updates

  • ASEFUAN International Voluntary Service Workcamp (ASEFUAN IVS) is the newest addition to the ASEF University Alumni Network (ASEFUAN) portfolio. It seeks to create a unique sense of bonding and intercultural exchange among the participants in an identified community. It will be a practical service after inputs derived from the previous editions of the ASEF University in the context of important social themes such as poverty, peace, the environment, public health and marginalisation of vulnerable groups.

    The inaugural ASEFUAN IVS 2011 is currently taking place from 28 June to 14 July 2011. The work camp is being held at Kampung Bukit Mat Daling, a remote village located not far from the Terengganu border of Malaysia. Hosted by local families, volunteers spend their time on a range of projects such as building a bridge, carrying out major residential repairs, conducting English classes and helping out with farming or gardening activities.

    The ASEFUAN IVS Workcamp was born at the 4th Networking Conference for Asian and European Young Volunteers (NAEYV) held in Indonesia earlier this year. This conference was organised by ASEF and the Coordinating Commitee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), in cooperation with Indonesia International Work Camp (IIWC) . Through networking with representatives of various International Voluntary Service (IVS) organisations during the Conference, ASEFUAN came up with the idea to enlarge and enrich its own programme of activities to include voluntary grassroots fieldwork for the duration of a summer camp.

    This work camp is co-organised with Service Civil International (SCI), Service Civil International Malaysia (SCI Malaysia) and Yayasan Salam Malaysia. Other active partners include Universiti Sains Malaysia, Rakan Muda, Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, Integrated College of Allied Health and Nursing, JKKK Kampung Bukit Mat Daling as well as Media Prima Bhd, the official media partner.

  • 2011_p2p_4thnaeyv 

    There is no better time to focus the spotlight on international volunteering. 2011 marks the 10th Anniversary of the UN International Year of Volunteers. It is also the European Year of Volunteering.  In the Asia-Europe context, the establishment of an Asian Voluntary Service (AVS) as a counterpart organisation for the European Voluntary Service is on the cards.

    The development of an action plan towards the creation of an AVS was one of the recommendations by the 4th Networking Conference for Asian and European Young Volunteers (4th NAEYV). Held from 6-11 February 2011 in Semarang (Indonesia), the conference provided participants with a stimulating environment to discuss how to promote the visibility and values of voluntary service as an important facet of non-formal education tools in Asia and Europe.

    The conference identified a number of specific approaches to achieve more recognition for international volunteering. This includes the compilation of evidence showing the impact and benefits of international volunteering for individuals, as well as for their organisations. Formal guidelines on the implementation for such volunteering could also be established.

    The 4th NAEYV was organised in partnership with Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), in cooperation with the Indonesia International Work Camp (IIWC). There were 35 participants from various Asian and European international volunteering organisations, governments, universities and international youth organisations. They included the ASEAN Secretariat (Education, Youth and Training Division), European Youth Forum, Network for Voluntary Development in Asia, Solidarités Jeunesses France and Toyo University.