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New Executive Committee for ASEF University Alumni Network

11th ASEFUAN Annual Academic Conference and General Meeting

The ASEF University Alumni Network (ASEFUAN) welcomes its new Executive Committee (ExCo) members. Every year, ASEFUAN members from various ASEF University (AU) batches are elected for the ExCo. The current President is Ms Nikki Briones-Carsi Cruz from The Philippines (AU1), while the Vice President is Ms Carolina Gracia from Spain (AU17). Joining the team are Ms Anastasia Baskina from Russia (AU17), Ms Do Thi Minh Hoa from Vietnam (AU13), Mr Sungjin Kang from South Korea (AU2), and Mr Nick McIlroy from Ireland (AU10).

The ExCo officially took office during the Network’s 11th Academic Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Manila, The Philippines (31 July – 2 August 2012).

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