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ASEF ClassNet Awards 2014

ASEF Classroom Network: Project Implementation and Evaluation

In recognition for their innovative and sustainable project approach, 6 ASEF ClassNet Projects received the ASEF ClassNet Awards (Gold and Merit) in November 2014. These online collaborations, ASEF ClassNet Projects[1], were shortlisted from a pool of 38 ASEF ClassNet Projects, which were implemented and completed in 2014. 1,071students and 64 teachers from 50 secondary and high schools in 26 ASEM countries participated in these 6 activities:


Gold Awards

Merit Awards

All these online collaborations will either continue or start with a new project idea in 2015. Newcomers from secondary and high schools are warmly invited to join.


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[1] The ASEF ClassNet projects are collaborative project work involving both Asian and European Schools.