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ASEF Capacity Trainings 2017

Access to Youth Employment

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
November/December 2017 Nathalie Sajda Education Department ASEF Young Leaders Programme Education
Economy & Society

Lao PDR and Greece




The ASEF Capacity Training series on Access to Youth Employment is a spin-off from the 2nd ASEF Young Leaders Summit (ASEFYLS2). The series is an extended version of the Summit and offers action-orientated workshops to fine-tune job skills and competence among youth. In 2017, the ASEF Capacity Trainings will be organised in Laos and Greece.


The workshops invite for an intensive and rewarding boot camp format focusing on financial literacy, project management, social innovation and macro (visionary) and micro (action) leadership approaches.


Moreover - aligned with the ASEFYLS2 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4 (on education), 5 (on gender equality) and 8 (on decent work) - the series emphasises to include a thought-process on how to collectively build inclusive, fair and accessible work placements for the youth. To address this, the trainings incorporate aspects of employment challenges linked to 1) age, 2) education, 3) disability, 4) finance, 5) gender, 6) location, 7) social backgrounds and/or 8) technology. 


The core objectives of the series are to:

  • Extend the opportunity for the applicants of ASEFYLS2 on a local level through a skills-focused agenda
  • Provide ASEFYLS2 alumni with the opportunity to enhance her/his leadership skills by joining as a trainer assistant
  • Organise small-group mentorship and guidance in leadership between local young leaders and internationally renowned professionals
  • Further develop the Asia-Europe platform for emerging leaders, especially active in Laos and Greece.

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More information will be updated on a rolling basis.