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ASEF to participate in the 6th ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM ME6)

ASEF Education Policy Conference Series 2017

On 9-10 May 2017, ASEF will participate in the 6th ASEM Education Ministers' Meeting on Collaboration for the Next Decade: From Common Perspectives to Effective Fulfillment hosted by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea.

Having contributed to the preparatory discussions through its multifarious activities during the last 2 years, ASEF will join 53 ASEM partners to deliberate on how best to cooperate during the coming decade and support the 4 priority areas of the ASEM Education Process: quality assurance and recognition; engaging business and industry in education; balanced mobility; lifelong learning including technical and vocational training.

ASEF will not only present its plans for the next year to the Education Ministers, but also host a concurrent and complementary on-site project in conjunction with ASEM ME6.

Responding to the calls by young citizens and ASEM Leaders for closer collaboration and exchange of perspectives on pertinent issues linked to education and youth employment, the 2nd ASEF Young Leaders' Summit (ASFYLS2) will culminate in an intervention made by young citizens at ASEM ME6.

These activities will showcase the immediate and long-term value that ASEF's education projects add to the ASEM education process. They will also usher in a new thematic focus on Access to Education and Youth Employment for ASEF education projects over the coming years.

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