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3rd Asia-Europe Journalists' Seminar: The Future Of ASEM

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
08 May 05 - 08 May 05 Asia-Europe Foundation Communications Department Asia-Europe Journalists' Seminar Governance & Human Rights

Kyoto (Japan)


Held on the occasion of the 7th ASEM Foreign Ministers' Meeting, this seminar brought together 27 journalists from various ASEM/ASEF countries. The programme consisted of seven interactive sessions focusing on global issues relevant to Asia and Europe. Presentations were made on the EC's foreign policy in East Asia, the EU constitution, climate change, human rights, the East Asian Community, trade policy, and civil society. The ASEM Senior Official for Indonesia Arizal Effendi also gave an advance briefing on the ASEM Interfaith Dialogue, which was held in July 2005.

The journalists were subsequently invited to cover the ASEM meeting, which was held on the theme “Deepening Of Asia-Europe Dialogue On Global Challenges.”