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ASEF Lecture: The Aceh Monitoring Mission Experience

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06 Jun 06 - 06 Jun 06 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department ASEF Lecture Governance & Human Rights



For this lecture, speaker Pieter Feith provided a first-hand account of the experience of leading the Aceh Monitoring Mission (AMM) following the 2005 peace agreement between the Aceh separatist group Free Aceh Movement and the Indonesian government. Feith's lecture covered the work of the AMM, the main results that have been achieved, and issues of confidence building and sustainability. He also argued that the AMM represented a new way for the EU to conduct peace missions on the basis of rapid deployment, comprehensiveness of the mission scope, and with strong co-operation between regional organisations.

The lecture was attended by about 70 people; these included members of the diplomatic corps, academics, and members of civil society.


Mr. Pieter Feith, Head, Aceh Monitoring Mission


Dr. Leonard Sebastian, Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Singapore


Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Singapore